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At SOLE BODY SOUL® we offer a total foot care experience. Our service goes beyond a traditional chiropody treatment and we aim to offer everything to support the health, wellbeing and beautiful appearance of your feet. We offer quality private care which includes the full range of basic footcare, essential footcare and specialist footcare in a state of the art clinic in Dundee.



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“We are delighted to offer our unique service to a growing, happy family of valued patients. To fully appreciate the Sole Body Soul experience, come on in and visit us to discuss the latest treatments available to you and your family. My team and I believe in putting a smile onto as many feet as possible. We believe in challenging the traditional paradigm of footcare and creating an environment where we would like to be a patient ourselves. With a healthy set of feet and Happiness With Every Step anything is possible.

Doctor Bharti Rajput MBE PhD
Founder & Director
Sole Body Soul


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16th June 2021

With Father’s Day coming up it’s made me think about my own Dad who even whilst his daughter is a multiple award-winning Podiatrist STILL ignores his feet!!! He is a Type 2 diabetic in his 70’s and over the years has been saved from the “skin of his soles!” and some ‘good karma’ from some serious foot complications! Like many men who have an inclination to fix things and an innate resistance to ask for help, he is who I call a DIY foot ignorer! “I’ll just get the tool kit out and pick a bit of skin off or hack at my toes myself! – after all my foot hasn’t fallen off yet!”

16th November 2021

Do you suffer from painful feet – around the heels, arches? You may have plantar fasciitis. Read on for Dr B’s top tips on how to relieve pain from the heels and arches at home.

15th November 2021

Read about how Andy has gone from pain to pilates after having treatment for plantar fasciitis.


A lot of our patients have written reviews about their experience with Optegra via independent review platform Trustpilot. Take a look at them. We love delivering happiness with every step and are so grateful when our patients tell us about their experience to help us spread the word.

I had suffered with Verrucas for many years and had literally tried everything under the sun and spent a small fortune. I visited Sole Body Soul, Susan was my practitioner and she was delightful, she spoke to me about a treatment I had never heard of called Verruca Needling. She explained it thoroughly to me and it sounded pretty gruesome, to be honest, but as I said I was at the end of my tether with it. I decided to go ahead. It took two attempts (the second was free) but it has completely cleared them all up without a trace. I am absolutely over the moon my soul is renewed. Thank you so much Susan and the rest of the team you were all brilliant. I highly recommend to you all.

EM, Dundee

I got my orthotics from sole body soul 7 years ago now and every time I have been back the business has evolved in some way or another. I was having difficulty getting into a job that required full medical fitness and I was having foot/hip problems at the time, which the orthotics soon rectified. The business and all its employees epitomize professionalism in every way.

AS, Dundee

My mom had an ingrown toenail. Excellent services, beautiful work and also painless.The best place to go if you have feet problems!

CV, Dundee

After 6 years of very limited movement & constant pain in my foot, Dr B (my saviour) has been treating the problem, with amazing results. The staff are all very friendly & welcoming. A very relaxing waiting area makes the visit even better

CM, Dundee

Being diabetic – I have to take particular care with my feet on an ongoing basis, and cannot recommend Sole Body Soul enough.
Each time I visit Dr. Bharti, I leave feeling as if I have been given a new pair of feet!

Great care and attention – in comfortable and relaxing surroundings. Getting an appointment outwith normal working hours is also no problem, so needing to take time off work is a non-issue.

WGB, Dundee

I was suffering with shin splints for 1 yr, & had been to the physiotherapist, osteopath and tablets from the GP – nothing worked I was unable to walk / hike & run the things I most love doing. A friend recommended Sole Body Soul the best recommendation I have ever had!! Within three treatments over 3-4 weeks I was walking & back running pain free. I had shockwave therapy, foot mobilisation and orthotics – legs feel like magic. The only regret I have is that I did not go sooner. You honestly could not get a more professional, friendly and caring team. Thank you all at Sole Body Soul!

MO, Dundee

I took my daughter (9yrs old ) to Dr B today due to worsening pain in her feet . 30 mins later , we had the answers and treatment we were looking for . Professional , friendly, and reassuring. All the staff were fantastic. (Daisy even got a birthday card on arrival ) – I would recommend them whole heartedly !!

LR, Aberdeen

Would like to say a massive thank you to Dr B, after many months of my son being in pain from a large verruca, I messaged her late last night, she replied quickly and even though she was not taking any clients today she took my son this morning. She was amazing and put my son at ease. The treatment was first class. My son walked out with a smile on his face compared to hobbling in with no sock or shoe on. Could not recommend a better place if u have any foot problems. We can now look forward to Xmas without any pain

MS, Carnoustie

My 4 year old daughter went to see Dr B at an open day podiatry clinic in Carnoustie regarding her feet and pain in her knee. From the start Dr B has been amazing with her and she has made insoles for her which have made a massive difference in the way she walks and no more complaints of pain. Today we went back for a 6 week checkup and Dr B was so happy to tell us that her hips are back in line and the insoles are doing the correct job. Highly recommend soul body soul to anyone with feet problems!

DS, St. Andrews

Paid for my soon to be father in law for a birthday gift to come visit your clinic. He recently had been told he had Plantar fascia and has had trouble for weeks with his feet. He is so hard to buy for gift wise, so I had an idea to book him in with a podiatrist. He said he was amazed at how well the appointment went, and the insoles he bought seem to work wonders. He has another appointment booked, I totally recommend this place.

LH, Arbroath

I first came to sole body soul several years ago but had to return recently due to an injury brought on by lack of stretching and some biomechanical things! got my new orthotics from Andre today and delighted with the service. Equally delighted to get out for a 5 K tonight, and to start walking dogs and running in comfort again!
looking forward to my check up in a few weeks to see if the pain has gone on and then getting on with what I enjoy again!! sole body soul
are not in the business of telling you to stop!! it’s more about working out why you’re having problems and to get you moving again. thanks to all

CG, Cupar, Fife

What a joy it was to visit Sole Body Soul today. Bharti is so incredibly knowledgeable. My feet feel amazing now and a massive added bonus for me was that Bharti was able to identify the cause of a running niggle that I have had with my knee for sometime now. Highly recommended.

SK, Edinburgh


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At SOLE BODY SOUL® we offer a total foot care experience. Our service goes beyond a traditional chiropody treatment and we aim to offer everything to support the health, wellbeing and beautiful appearance of your feet.

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